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Tourmaster Synergy Electric Gloves

By flood - Posted on 09 October 2011

tour master synergy heated gloves

Heated gloves can be a beautiful warm gift from the heavens that can transform a painfully cold windy ride to a terrific toasty trip.

Tourmaster comes through with delivering an amazing pair of heated gloves - the Synergy Heated Gloves, that works in tandem with their Synergy Heated Vest

Both the Synergy heated vest and gloves operate from a vehicle's standard 12-volt electrical system and is heated by a series of durable carbon fiber heating elements, which generate safe, electronically controlled infrared heat.


The Synergy Heated gloves are solid black in color with bright red and green control buttons on the wrist area. Tourmaster's logo is stylishly embroidered on the outer gauntlet cuff of each glove.

The gloves look like gloves not mittens, which is rare for cold weather gloves let alone heated gloves. This is a refreshing change for heated gear indeed.


The Synergy's main goal is to safely and evenly distribute heat to the rider's hands and these gloves deliver in that area. The carbon fiber elements heat up with little time passed.

The heating elements within the gloves are flexible which allows for greater hand movement.

Every Synergy heated clothing comes with it's own controller and harness. The controller has several settings: low, medium, and high - for those ultra cold nights! The controller also comes with a Velcro strap which you can attach to your thigh.

As mentioned previously, the gloves can be used together with Tourmaster's vest, jacket, and pants.


Unlike most heated or insulated gloves - the Synergy heated gloves have a suitable amount of armor! Protective padding is found on the fingers, wrist, back of hand, and a generous amount on the palm.

The gloves are safe to get wet, although this should be avoided especially when in use. The heating elements operate at a low voltage of 12 volts so concerns of shock are mitigated.

The gloves do require an electrical charge connected to the bike's battery. This is an important thing to be mindful of when using the gloves.


The gloves are made from goat skin leather giving the gloves a strong shell that is mailable and easy to move within.

The gloves use carbon fiber heating elements opposed to the old fashioned wire systems - this greatly helps with transferring the heat to your body as well as ensuring that the heat is spread out evenly.

show me the money

Tour Master's Synergy heated gloves retail for USD $169.99.

overall value

These gloves are 'heavy duty' but don't feel that the weight a lot or are bulky and cumbersome. Instead, they provide a great amount of controlled heat but look and feel like a normal motorcycle riding glove.

If you want the best heated gloves on the market - you will be hard pressed to find anything that tops the Synergy gloves. Be prepared for a higher price point that some other heated gloves on the market - but trust me - it's worth it!


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