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motorcycle gear reviews: Warmthru Battery Heated Gloves

By flood - Posted on 07 October 2011

When riding in cooler temperatures one of the first things you notice after several minutes of riding is that your hands get cold very fast!

warmthru battery heated gloves

Insulated winter gloves do help, but they still get cold after an hour or so of riding in anything cooler than 10 degrees Celsius. Wired heated gloves do provide a great amount of heat, but then your hands are shackled due to the wire connections (not to mention the added stress on your battery).

Enter the solution - battery heated gloves. Battery heated gloves have existed for many years now, however, the battery technology has been substandard until recently. Warmthru has created a pair of battery heated gloves that we got a chance to try on. Here are our findings.


The Warmthru gloves are certainly not designed with fashion at the forefront. However, the gloves do look decent. The padding for the batteries give the gloves a bulky robotic look to them but they could easily pass for any normal winter glove.


Although the gloves are designed for many uses (such as hiking, skiing, and of course - motorcycling) they do provide the wearer with many features.

First, lets examine what we came here for - heat. The gloves are powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion (LIon) batteries which power pads for each finger and thumb inside the gloves - yes that's right every finger and thumb has it's own pad so no need for the 'lobster hand' technique of squeezing your fingers together to ensure they all get heated up. The pads heat range is between 35-40 degrees C. This is an important note, unlike wired heated gloves, the battery powered gloves will stabilize your body's temperature - not necessarily making it warmer. Depending on your perspective this can be good or bad. The upside is that you need not worry about creating too much heat and having to adjust the temperature of the gloves, 35 degrees is enough heat to keep your hands comfortable. On the downside, you will not feel that warm 'toasty' feeling you would get if you held your hands in front of a roaring campfire.

the gloves are both wind and waterproof - something that seems to be a trade-off when searching for cold weather riding gloves.

Warmthru must realize their target market is motorcyclists first and other sports enthusiasts second because their gloves are padded with impact protective material on all four fingers as well on the palm and the back of the hands.

The palms are also covered with a grip material so grabbing controls is more manageable when dealing with the bulk of the gloves.

Although the gloves are bulky, considering they contain a battery inside each glove they are relatively light (138 grams + 90 grams for the battery) considering.

The batteries are stated to provide between 3-3.5 hours of continuous use. Frankly, three straight hours of near 0 temperatures is enough for this rider to bear before stopping for a hot beverage and some body movement to get the blood flowing. For those hardcore riders additional rechargeable batteries can be purchased that can easily be swapped out. A new feature on the Warmthru gloves that we hinted at earlier is that the batteries are not concealed inside the glove hidden within a battery pocket.

A visor-wipe that can be found on the thumb as well as a rubber blade to clear off your visor is the added detail we adore.


The gloves are very safe, passing triple certification: CE, WEE and ROHS compliance.

A 3mm reflective strip is located on the top of the bands for increased visibility.


The gloves come with a charger with a choice of chargers for UK,Europe or USA. The batteries will last up to 500+ charges and/or up to 3 years. Each charge takes roughly 5hrs to charge to full capacity from 0.

show me the money

The gloves are a little bit on the expensive side of the fence ringing in at USD $162.


Battery technology has come a long way and so has Warmthru. The concept that the gloves employ of heat stabilization of 35-40 degrees C is most likely due to the limitations of battery power, but is an interesting path to take none the less. Your hands do not need to be cooked like wired technology can provide, but rather kept warm enough that you are comfortable and can operate your controls without distraction. Warmthru have obviously listened to their customers feedback and have hidden the batteries, added additional padding to their gloves and added a visor-wipe on the thumb and a rubber blade to clear off your visor. Their innovation is admirable and their products are a great value to their customers as a result. If you are looking to keep your hands warm but want to be free of wired technology the Warmthru battery heated gloves are one of the best options out there that you should seriously consider.


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